What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular these days. By definition, social entrepreneurship means an effort usually carried out by social entrepreneurs who recognizes a social problem, followed by establishing a venture or an enterprise while utilizing the principles of entrepreneurship which helps to create the way for social change. The future of social […]

EBBF – Promoting Ethical Values In Business


This is the first article in a series introducing businesses, organizations and projects promoting more sustainable and socially responsible world. I have personally been member of the European Bahá’í Business Forum since 2008, so it was natural choice where to start. — Jari-Pekka Raitamaa There are millions of businesses all around the world, but not […]

What Is Employee Ownership

The clear explanation for the term “Employee Ownership” refers to the status of the ownership of a company which is own by all or some of its employees. This could either be in a part or in whole, or even indirectly or directly. One of the most known elements of Employee Ownership is the ESOP, […]

What is Microfinance?

Microfinance is basically the provision of services for clients with low income, clients who are poor, as well for clients who are self employed. These clients often do not have access to related services such as banking. Most of the time, people know microfinance as a form of small loans, however microfinance incorporate other financial […]

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

There are many other names for Corporate Social Responsibility such as sustainable responsible business, social performance, corporate citizenship, corporate conscience and simply CSR. By definition, Corporate Social Responsibility means an obligation and compulsion for a company to set and run based on long term objectives which will benefit the society. Companies should be committed towards […]

What is Social Business?

Social business is a theory devised by social entrepreneur and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus. Social business is basically a business driven by social cause. The business should be a non-dividend and non-loss company which is designed to address a social objective. In social business, the investors cannot be motivated by personal gain […]